Chris Schippers

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Available for projects in
The Netherlands & Belgium

More than 20 years of experience in Progress OpenEdge

Ever since Progress v5 I have been developing applications in 4GL. From character based Unix to Windows applications with .Net integration.

OpenEdge 4GL

I have been working with Progress OpenEdge until version 11.7. Specialised in Framework & Application development.  

Progress Developer Studio

Progress Developer Studio for OpenEdge implemented at a company that used to work with Ultraedit. Including implementation with the version control system PVCS.


Webservices using Webspeed, Appserver & custom made backoffice message handler. 

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Use the form below, send me an email at: or call: +31 6 41 888 909

“Ever since Progress v5 I have been developing applications in this great language and for the years to come I want to keep doing this. So if you are in need for a OpenEdge developer with over 20 years of experience, drop me a line.”

Chris Schippers

OpenEdge Developer

Progress OpenEdge Development

service in the Netherlands & Belgium

+31 6 41 888 909

Woerden, the Netherlands